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My name is Karolina and One Shirt is my baby
 that was born out of many years of passion for fashion and experience gained in the production of men's shirts.

Our family sewing room, which had its origins in the 1980s, has gathered vast experience and a base of foreign and domestic customers over the years. Being present and active during the company’s growth and development has resulted in me acquiring skills and a vast knowledge of the processes and materials involved in the production of men’s shirts. By designing, co-creating and observing every step of the production of men’s shirts, I began to understand what the potential shortcomings in women's fashion are. Why in women's shirts the attention to the quality of the shirt or type of stitching does not matter? Why are they not sewn with the care and precision of men's shirts? And why so many manufacturers focus solely on the production of men’s shirts or very traditional women’s shirts?


I wanted to create a shirt for women that is not available on the Polish and foreign markets; oversized, made of the best fabrics, in the best technique and with great attention to every detail. I created oversized forms and increased the quality of production to be able to achieve the my desired effect.


My shirts are timeless and non-seasonal - when you fall in love with one of the models, I know that you will come back for more colours or classic whites.


The slogan ‘Made in Poland’ is not just a fashionable term, it is proof that Polish shirts are sewn at the highest level. The generational history of the family business, whose success and quality consists of the work of many people, reaffirms our Polish roots and brand. 



I hope to not just dress you, but inspire you to wear the classics

in a nonchalant, feminine form.

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